The Vessel UK is KORI’s international volunteering programme.

The Vessel UK provides opportunities for developmental experiences in the Europe and Africa.

KORI has delivered ten years of research and skill exchange projects in different countries in Africa.

Since launching we have led multiple programmes in The Gambia, Tanzania and Kenya and we are developing our partnerships in Holland, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. The work in Africa supports our partnership with The Daughters of Africa Foundation.

A diverse range of UK participants have participated in our self-funded programmes over the years and we  are open to people of all backgrounds and after a period of training, fundraising and one to one support, our participants are fully ready to share their skills where they are wanted and needed.

What we offer to participants:

Participants work as a team even as they prepare their individual projects. In this way we learn from each other and share this very unique experience.

Participants benefit from:

  • Professional Development
  • Talent Development
  • Training in global issues, facilitation, reflective practice and evaluation skills
  • Integration with African communities
  • Tours in Africa
  • Competitive Prices and Fundraising Support