These Values Guide Our Work

Academic Achievement

We believe in lifelong learning. This means we are committed to creating and sourcing opportunities for the young people, staff, volunteers and parents to assess further training and education.

Environmental Awareness

Through partnership work, programme activities and workshops, in London and in country environs, KORI young people learning real environmental awareness and understanding their personal responsibility for looking after the world.


We support young people in accessing their own creative expression in a nurturing environment that is compassionate, respectful and encouraging.

Nurturing Young People

We are committed to helping young people transcend barriers and limitations and work in a range of contexts with diverse groups to support their own self-development.

Developing Community

We practice active community involvement engaging, youth, families and the wider community in volunteering, mentoring, training and employment opportunities.

Cultural Celebration

KORI celebrates diversity and culture. We feel that when children and young people grow up in a community that embraces differences, children value themselves more and can reach their full potential. All of our programmes provide opportunities to learn and explore different cultures.