Supporting grassroots development in Africa through the channelling of self-leadership and the building of sustainable projects for Youth and their communities

DOAF was formed in The Gambia in November 2016. It was born out of KORI’s Vessel UK programme that revealed the need to establish a foundation that could build sustainable partnerships and models of youth and community work.

The mission is to build on and propagate tried models in grassroots communities across Africa. Delivering high quality leadership programmes and skill exchanges between youth workers, artists/designer makers, young people, managers and educators and sharing best practice from these initiatives.

At the core of the philosophy is building healthy partnerships and we  are committed to addressing the inequalities and lack of opportunities that occur in Africa because of poverty and lack of resources.  Working with communities to co-create projects and sustainable initiatives that support self-determination, good health and wellbeing, creative enterprise, food production and sustainable energy.

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DOAF is currently sponsoring students in The Gambia and working directly with two groups:

Kambeng Kafo

Abuko Women’s Group

In 2014, KORI worked with a group from Abuko to form a women’s association called Kambeng Kafo, meaning togetherness. The Grace Fund has provided seed funding through the tabletop banking investment model. The Grace Fund also provided additional funding for a soap making enterprise. The group have been recognised for their commitment, certificated and celebrated by the community.

The Grace Fund has also provided additional funding for Kambeng Kafo, supporting a soap making enterprise project. The group have been recognised for their commitment and presented with certificates in front of the community at the closing ceremony.


Abuko Youth Association

AYA was started by KORI in 2014. It is now a youth led association with 60 young members, an elected committee and is fully registered in Gambia. They actively work to empower themselves and their community and are being trained in leadership, youth work, the arts and entrepreneurship through The Vessel programme.

The Grace Fund is sponsoring members of AYA, providing finance for training and education fees. The young people we sponsor are nominated by AYA’s committee and interviewed and assessed by KORI. We pay fees directly to schools and training institutes and monitor sponsees progress. We aim to nurture AYA into a trained, well educated, creative, employable collective, raising the communities potential income and enabling new opportunities.

All donations to the Grace Fund will support the dreams of young creative enterprising people in Africa. If you’re donating, please leave a note to let us know it is for The Grace Fund specifically.