End of year – 2013

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 in Latest news & events

On Friday 20th December 2013, we held an end of year party where all of the children in the “Out of School Programme” shared their talents through personal presentations. Even staff and guests got involved with the games as seen in our Facebook Gallery of the event. However, with all of the festivities, two of our long valued staff made their final showing; Sarah Fairclough and Olusola Adebiyi.

Sarah Fairclough (second from left), the lead teacher of Art Club, led the children with their self-made lanterns, singing Christmas carols and brightening the path for the New Year.

Sarah leads young ones.

While, Olusola Adebiyi (center below), Senior Manager and an inspiring youth leader, had a warm send off, chatting and joking with guests and former colleagues and joining the final dance at the end of the event.

Sola with our youth in the big city.

They will be greatly missed but their legacy will be built on as KORI advance into 2014 with the new theme of Persistence – Construction and Architecture.