Elev8 Youth Group offers weekly sessions, trips and residentials for young people aged 11 – 16. Our young people have been referred to the service by schools, social services or parents/guardians. Our programme, named by the young people themselves, enables our youth to ‘Elev8’ and become active members of the community by adhering to our 8 main principles, also developed by them:

  • To be creative
  • To be  open to each other
  • To rise to our full potential
  • To be a caring community
  • To relax
  • To step out of our comfort zone
  • To be a team
  • To have fun

We believe in using the arts as a tool to engage and develop. Through Elev8, we aim to empower, educate and unify youth in Haringey and surrounding boroughs. We provide a safe and open space for young people to be able to explore issues that affect them and a platform for their voice to be heard. We will support young people to improve their social and communication skills, build self esteem and confidence, access new opportunities and experiences and become part of a positive extended family.

Homework Club & Girls Club

Elev8 includes two additional groups, Homework Club & Girls Club.

Girls Club is for 8- 11 year old girls to spend quality time together. With our youth workers they are supported explore:

  • Issues that affect girls
  • Take part in creative activities
  • Go on trips
  • Get one to one mentoring

Homework Club provides academic support to children and young people by:

  • Helping them to understand and complete homework
  • Strengthening academic skills
  • Support with revision