KORI trip to Borth, Wales

Fun, sun and respite in Wales.

15/08/2016 – 18/08/2016
15 Young people / 4 Female, 11 Male / Ages: 7 – 14

This summer KORI took a trip to Borth in Wales. We had an enjoyable, active four days, in which young people mixed well, managed their own relationships and challenged themselves. The youth centre was across the road from the beach and had a range of accessible activities nearby. The group was mixed, including some young people from our Haven programme who are at risk of exclusion, and young people with learning difficulties, social mixing needs and behavioural issues. Others had no specific or known needs, but were on the trip for a break from london and an opportunity to mix, find new challenges, explore and gain from a new experience.  Due to the mixed ages we selected activities that allowed the whole group to have fun and challenge themselves.

After arrival we were introduced to the centre and their rules. Meals were prepared for us by the hostel staff, as they were throughout our stay. We ate and went across to the beach, the young people played and dipped in the water. When we returned they played in the games room and watched the olympics together, largely ignoring the sports and having their own conversations.

The next morning we took a 40 minute walk along the beach to some sand dunes. These provided challenge and fun, as the young people had to climb up the steep dunes and find their own routes. Some of the older children supported the younger ones to find their way up the hills. After getting to the top they spent hours rolling down, playing games and performing stunts. After walking back we had lunch and set out for an afternoon of beach activities.

The next day we drove out to the Elan Valley, an international wildlife site. It covers 70 square miles of lakes and countryside. We visited and learnt about dams that were built up to 100 years ago. The walk
was short, but the group spent hours climbing up and down hills and forging their own paths. The older children supported the young children and provided encouragement, whilst also competing with each other and finding new challenges.

That evening we took a short visit to the beach, but were quickly swarmed by midges and sandflies. We made our way inside and spent our evening chatting and playing games. It was a was a great trip that was easy to manage, and, besides some noisy boys that woke everybody up on the last night, it was all fun and no trouble!

Big thanks to the John & Jane at YHA Borth who looked after us wonderfully and Henry Smith for providing funding for the trip!